How to Achieve New Feats in the Year 2018

how- to- achieve- new-feats- in- the- year- 2018
How- to- Achieve- New-Feats- in- the- Year- 2018

Welcome to a brand new year 2018. I’m excited to be alive, hale and hearty to experience the year 2018, how about you? It is a great privilege to see another year. We need to encourage ourselves of the need to start well and start strong to live purposefully in the just unfold year.

All thanks to God Almighty for the past successes achieved last year and past feats recorded on our behalf, but it is not enough to rest on our oars. It is not gainsay to say that there were challenges in the previous year but thanks to God Almighty for being victorious in all! Hugh, awesome God is our God!

Now, it is very necessary to start acting out the plans and resolution made toward the end of the just ended year 2017. What are the things to do to be outstandingly successful in every area of our endeavours in the year 2018? Remember, everyone has the will power to make a choice. You have the choice to be successful or remain stagnant where you are. When you are too comfortable with your comfort zone, then, you are not having the plan to move your life forward. Remain stagnant in the year 2018 won’t be profitable to you neither to your loved ones. I want to believe that we are on to celebrate many successes and breakthroughs in the year 2018. Are you ready to soar with me, let go!

Things to do to experience unstoppable greatness are the following:

  • Have a right mindset that this year is your year of greater manifestations
  • Have a plan to achieve, to fail to plan is planning to fail
  • Have specific goals to achieve and make sure you are glued to achieving the goals though you need some level of flexibility to see your goals achieved. Your goals may not necessarily be achieved as you have it in your schedule, you must not limit God in helping you to prioritise your goals according to His will
  • Let your goal be specific, achievable and time bound, timing is very important, however, avoid being too hard on yourself
  • Move with people that have their personal goals and are focused in having their goals achieved to share opinions with, work more with like-minds this year. Birds of the same feather flock together!
  • Avoid procrastination, don’t postpone what you can do today till any other day. If the goal is worth achieving, why not do it now?
  • Don’t be afraid to start something new and never fear failing. When you make a mistake, you are better and more experienced than someone who never made a try!
  • What are the goals you planned to achieve last year but are yet to be achieved? Incorporate them to your year 2018 plan, who knows, this year may be the year for its actualization?
  • Avoid anyone that discourages you from achieving your goal, associate yourself with positive people. Don’t tabernacle with pessimists, they aren’t going nowhere and won’t encourage you to go either
  • Stop making excuses, and never look for anyone to help you start what you so much believe in. you have will drive to achieve it. God will be there with you to see to it being achieved
  • Learn from experienced mentors and those who are already successful in your area(s) of passion
  • Read books, listen to inspirational audio, and attend seminars. Get involved in skill and entrepreneurial development. Read at least 12 (twelve) books (approximately one book each month) in the year 2018
  • Take at least one personal development course in year 2018 to be better
  • Devote time to your career development
  • Avoid spending unnecessarily, buy things you need
  • There is no age limit to learning. Be involved in life-long learning. You will be glad you did.
  • Identify your God-given talent, when you are able to discover it, utilise it maximally
  • Remember, where your credentials cannot take you, your potentials/gifts will do. Do not toy with your talent, God deposited your gifts in you to excel and be outstanding in life
  • Take care of your health. Whoever you may want to be or wherever you want to get to in life, you need your body. It is very needful to be in good health and sound mind
  • Do the things you have been putting off for a while. Whatever you’ve been shying away from achieving, get it done now!
  • Spend more time with people you care about and those that care about you.
  • Volunteer yourself to a cause you are passionate about
  • Invest, invest and invest
  • Don’t be glued to watching television, be in the news for people to watch positively
  • If you have found this wisdom nuggets very useful for you, kindly share with others what you now know. You will be doing the world great favour by releasing what you have. We actually increase by releasing

One more thing to do! You can also inform your loved ones to get my book, Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations. Get for yourself too if you are yet to. The book will unleash hidden facts that will move your life forward from where you are presently to where you need to be.

I wish you and all yours a happy and fulfilling year 2018.

Remain blessed!

Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage

(The Trail- blazer)



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