It is a beautiful day and I am delighted to witness this day being my birthday anniversary! God is awesome! It is actually a thing of joy to look back and having an insight of what God has been doing in one’s life. With the same insight to witness this day, my heart rejoices in the Lord knowing that He is still in the business of showering His loving kindness upon my life. With my foresight into the future, I believe greater grace God will give me to do greatly in achieving His purpose for my creation.

Life is full of amazing things and people. If you are privilege to have positive people around you, please be glad for having them. I want to use this medium to appreciate my loving parents (both late) for their roles in my life and their immense contribution to sharpen my focus with informal and formal education exposed to. To my lovely family and friends, thanks for being so supportive. To every other persons that life has made us to cross paths, I am grateful for how you’ve all helped to keep me focused on my goal. Directly or indirectly, positively or otherwise, your roles cannot be erased with a wave of hand. I am grateful.

To those that have found my writings and words inspiring, I thank you. To others that have the notion that I need to do more or better, I appreciate you. Your comments are keeping me to run on my toes (keeping me to fly like the eagle). It is my prayer that God will find each of us faithful concerning His call and purpose for our lives. As long as we still breathe, we can always aspire to be better than we are. For this and many more, all glory belong to God Almighty. This blessed day, I have every cause to appreciate my gracious God for keeping me alive to celebrate another year on earth. I am praying for greater grace to celebrate more fruitful years to continuously affect my generation and generations to come positively.

Happy Birthday to me!

Dr. -Olasunmbo- Ajoke- Savage-Trailblazer
Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage -Trailblazer

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