Notable Perceptions on Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage


Thank you so much your honour, Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke SAVAGE. I appreciate your goodness, praise the LORD forever. Moses was called to deliver the children of Israel from captivity. Elijah was called to showcase the existence of GOD. John was called to prepare the way and Jeremiah was called to prophesy of the future Messiah. But you mama…wow! You were called to create substantial citizens: great citizens of GOD who were called for excellence. You are a destiny changer: a transformational coach. God truly called you mama, when I read your masterpiece. I heard God directing and speaking to me. “- Silas Jco, Fort Jameson

  • “That we were born into life is a great experience. That in itself is worth rejoicing. I am grateful for your life”. – Helen Pajama
  • “May what God started in you continue to grow until the 50% plus of the world is transformed for success via you! No matter the challenges mama, never give up, we are many who are looking up to you. You are our foresight that we shall make it. We believe in you so much. You changed the purpose of Facebook from a time-wasting platform to a productive-learning platform.” – Silas Jco, Motivational Speaker, Life coach, Fort Jameson
  • “God is opening a greater door for you, a permanent door that no man can shut. And those that thought you cannot succeed without them will come and ask you how it happened in Jesus name.” – Pastor Sam Hunsu, U.S.A
  • “Dr. Savage is the author of Seed of Thoughts and In-depth Conversations. Dr. Savage is an award winner, a motivational speaker and educator. The complexities of our world make positive thinking particularly difficult in modern time but Dr. Savage motivates you to reach higher levels, be the best that you can be.” – Barbara Mikler, Consultant: Cash Communications Hub (CCU), Workshop Facilitator at Mikler & Associates and Business Coach and Consultant at Mikler Financial Services, Clyattville, Georgia, U.S.A
  • “Words of wisdom flowing. I receive with joy! You are a blessing to my life. Thank God for your life and your commitment to be a vessel of His expressions. Sincerely appreciate you. More grace in Jesus name. Blessings! “- Royal T. Anderson
  • “I appreciate your write-up. It is quite educative, informative and inspiring. It’s like you are the long awaiting pioneer that will take charge to change human race.”  – Austine Phillips, Enugu, Nigeria
  • “I really loved your message this past weekend. Your posts are always quite timely, and they are like arrows into my spirit. I’ve needed to go back and re-read your messages recently as I’ve been going through some challenging times. I know the Lord will prevail and I won’t let the enemy get his foot in the door! God bless you my sweet sister. I noticed the ‘sun’ in your name; that is quite lovely, because you have a bright sunny spirit! May you keep shining brightly like the Sun. Thanks again for your encouragement, keep up the good work my friend.”     -Cathleen, Rowland Park, Kansas, U.S.A
  • “I loved your post and I’ll really like to get to know you better and learn about the work you are doing.” – Dr. Kappel, Frisco Texas, U. S. A
  • “It’s very heart-warming to read your new posts daily. You seem like a superwoman. Are you some kind of a Pastor or Bible woman? You are a highly- positive woman. No wonder, you have a lot of followers!  I wish I could get 1% of your ability. You are a great leader.” -Teody Flores Avellaneda, Bangkok Thailand
  • “My prayers are with you. You are beautiful inside and outside. Your path of determination, dedication and perseverance is a testimony of your values and beliefs. Greatness is blossoming within you. God bless you and your amazing journey. Love and Respect.” – Sterling Quick, San Leandro, California
  • “I wish you all the success in your successful career. Enjoy what life curve present before you every day and cherish the moments that you have in your life. You are on a great path of leaving a legacy for all women and men who can appreciate your outer beauty which reflects the magnitude of your intelligence, strength, heart, love, self-discipline and drive to be where you are in life. Your heartfelt appreciation on how you embrace life and cultivate the very essence of your inner beauty shines through your ability to captivate your audience with your pictures. Look into the mirror today and say I am a reflection of who I am, who I will become, and who I admire every day. Cherish your soul always and remember there are good men and women out there that do have your best interest at heart. God bless. Love and Respect! ” – Sterling Quick, San Leandro, California
  • “I admire your motivational quotes and I feel you have a lot of wisdom to offer the younger generation. You even look superb and smart too.” – Chika Jason Okene, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

and these…

  • “I enjoy reading your book, Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations. Very inspirational” – Brenda Miller, Flint, Michigan
  • “Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage, you are a mother to thousands. You birth spiritual life every day.” – Jill Malone, Grand Prairie, Texas
  • You are so brainy! Write so smart and clever everyday! Really happy I am friend with you on Facebook! God bless you – Charlotte Rahmklo, Malmo, Sweden
  • Beautiful philosopher! Brain and beauty personified! – Tunde Adewale, Lagos, Nigeria
  • I enjoyed reading the book, Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations. But it’s more than a book to read and shelf. It’s like a tonic for everyday usage. That’s my testimony about the book, and I promised to buy copies for my children. – Tunde Adewale, Lagos, Nigeria
  • ‘Woman of substance! You are my exceptional luminary. Thank you for your value inspired words. Truly, I’m inspired! -Desmond Daniel Ihenna Obinwa
  •  “You are so simple, solid and direct. You are an amazon when faced by challenges from unexpected quarters but very subtle at heart as a mother and dependable as a friend. The aura of Godliness and academic candour is always around your person anytime.Some women have beautiful face, bad gait, bad manners and no brain. God in His infinite mercy endowed you with a beautiful face a queenly gait, good legs with an inbuilt royal stepping, a charming and disarming smile and a very sharp brain to match your natural complexion. I am happy for you.You are a Ruth in the parlance of ladies of substance and virtue and not a Jezebel in the creed of Macbeth. – Prince Olayinka Tobun, Lagos, Nigeria
  • “Deep thoughts for ponder! A renewed vision of greatness always received after reading your words…forever grateful!” – Marcellus D. Winslow Sr., Covinton, Kentucky
  • Heart of Gratitude to Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage: “Many felt like committing suicide because of their work challenges. Many wanted to give up on life but for your psychotherapy and Godly counsel which you provide free of charge. You have saved many souls to live and at the same time have led many souls to live and at the same time have led many to the kingdom of God. Many thanks and be abundantly and exceedingly blessed.”– Bavakure Robert, Entebbe, Uganda

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