How to Improve on Yourself for Elevation in the Year 2020

Welcome to the year 2020! I am glad to let you know that we have entered a new decade already, glory be to GOD. It is also a thing of joy to let you know that year 2020 is a leap year. Wow! It is my prayer that you will experience a huge leap forward in your life, career, family, ministry, and in every aspect of your productivity.

However, let me also inform you that for one to experience the huge leap, there are basic things that need be done, and I am here to inform you of the basics so that you will be on your toes running with your vision and passion and the feedback will amaze you by the time you will be getting to the end of the year.

The followings are germane for you to experience elevation in your life, career, family and ministry;

  • Make sure you are connected with your maker. For a product to be utilized maximally, it is very necessary to understand the processes of its usage through the manual attached to the product by the manufacture. In the same vain, for you to do well in life, make sure you are connected with GOD your Maker who knows the end from beginning, and acknowledge Him in all your undertakings.
  • Understand your life purpose and the hidden purpose in your purpose. Outstanding achievements are in the place of purpose, identify yours.
  • Set achievable goals and have a broad picture of your goal and work towards accomplishing the goals. Write the vision down and make it plain. Remember, planning is one of the success keys you need to have.
  • Have short term, long term goals.
  • Prioritise your goals and be sincere with your priority list. Setting your priorities in life would make you to be productive.
  • Learn to always pay attention to details. Never overlook minute things, small things are usually big things.
  • Do more listening, more actions and do less talking. Let your success speak for itself.
  • Be intentional about your progress. Scan your environment to identify opportunities to tap to achieve greatly. Learn also to go extra miles.
  • Develop yourself. Utilise opportunities effectively.
  • Learn how to use the tools and other resources needful for your progress effectively.
  • Be a good team player. When you position yourself within productive gatherings, you have every opportunity to locate blessed rewards.
  • Practice mental toughness and empathy.
  • Remain focused even when faced with challenges.
  • Be energetic, enthusiastic and have high self-esteem.
  • Go for the best always; do not settle for less. Have a broad mindset for greatness.
  • Be forward looking; think about and plan towards the future. He who does not look ahead will remain behind of others. Remember, planning is one of the success keys you need to have.
  • Have mentors to deliver yourself from tormentors in your life journey.
  • Make new commitments to God and mankind, you will never be stranded in achieving your life goals.
  • Control and monitor what you are doing to measure your progress. Have self – appraisal to keep yourself focused.

If you prepare well today and keep yourself focused, you will not be ‘repairing’ your tomorrow. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Above all, be sandwiched between the peace of God and God of peace to continue in peace. Have a wonderful and amazing year of diverse testimonies of breakthroughs and elevation.

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