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Celebrating World Cultural Day

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines culture as the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time. There exists the diversity of culture and its universality among all human groups and also exists among some primates. Culture is characterized by being able to be learned, shared, based on symbols, integrated, and dynamic. We need to understand that to live and relate in harmony with ourselves, we must learn to tolerate the culture of other people different from ours. As individuals and community members, we take pride in building and being able to practice our culture.

It is very needful for us to understand the importance of culture:

  • Through culture, biological and socio-cultural needs of people could be achieved. This could be in the form of provision of our basic needs like, food, clothing, shelter and the reproduction and diverse relationships put up by different individuals or groups;
  • Our culture helps define the pattern of the way we behave;
  • Culture defines the pattern of our lifestyle;
  • With culture, people tend to interact with one another by abiding with the set rules being put to place to enhance cooperation;
  • Culture brings people of same background, belief and interest together thus helps in how they view the world;
  • Culture assists in the control of negative behaviours through societal norms and folkways;
  • Since culture is learned and shared, we tend to embrace cultures of other climes we love;
  • Our culture acts as the guideposts through which our life activities are patterned;
  • Culture strengthens bond between people but we need to understand that culture can change by adjustment either by adding to it or removing from it;
  • Culture determines what we want to be in life;
  • Culture has its benefits socially and economically.

It should be noted that no particular culture is actually better than the other as there are different values that each culture portrays or embrace but cultures can be judged especially whether they are actually meeting or fulfilling the needs of the people that practice them. However, it should be noted that one could face punishment or sanction in some climes if one fails to abide with the norms of the society one belongs.

We need to appreciate the anthropologists that try to help in preventing culture extinction. But for the anthropologists, many cultures might have suffered extinction. The internet is also helpful in making us to know how people from other places relate, dress, eat and so on. The online community also teaches us how culture functions. Have you been impacted in any way by the internet through the culture of other people different from your immediate community? You are free to share your view in the comment box. This wonderful day, let us celebrate the diversity of culture all over the world.

Happy celebrations!

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