From thoughts to reality: A guide for positive living

A review of Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage’s inspirational book, Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations

In today’s world, several books have been written to inspire and motivate people, and this is what Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage’s book, Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations, is also out to achieve. However, Dr. Savage’s work is not just another inspirational book, but one that takes another dimension towards highlighting the power of thoughts and deep thinking.

The book’s opening words say it all: “ignite your passion. Dreaming that vision without execution represents hallucination.” Everybody has that beautiful dream of a brighter future, but taking the first step towards achieving that vision becomes the problem and that is why the author describes dreams as mere hallucination. To understand how negative not taking steps is, the meaning of hallucination explains it better.

According to Wikipedia, hallucinations involve sensing things such as visions, sounds, or smells that seem real but are not. Therefore, the positive dreams we have for ourselves are mere hallucinations until we take the step towards actualizing them in real life. For example, somebody who envisions himself towards becoming a successful businessman, but has not started reading about management and business, while also saving the start-up capital is only having hallucination about a future that he will never experience.

This, therefore, makes the author to open the book with the thoughtful meditations of sages, which will definitely motivate readers to take that big leap of faith towards achieving their dreams.

However, the author highlights a very important issue about life when she says: “Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, the year is going. What is your plan of purpose for the year? Are you really planning to achieve anything at all? Don’t forget, failing to plan is planning to fail.”

With the dawn of any new year, many people will make plans for the whole year, but in actual fact, many will not achieve anything throughout the year because of the lack of will, or fear to take a step of faith. To these people, they only have hallucinations about a positive situation which they will never experience in real life since they have refused to leave their comfort zones.

It is as a result of this that the author says that “man is not just on earth to wake up and dress up for a job, but man has a life assignment to fulfill, that which will bring him good success.”

Dr. Savage is, however, not leaving the reader to the fate of finding his own destiny, as she gives motivational thoughts that will help him navigate through life’s challenges. These thoughts will definitely inspire the reader towards taking hold of his life and future.

One of such inspiration thoughts is: “You are born to have positive impact on your generation. Your talent and skill will elevate you if you utilise them positively. Meditate on this for therein lies your greatness.”

With this, the author is aware that everybody is born with a talent, and the ability to identify one’s talent, or develop a skill, will definitely propel one to greatness.

This portion is apt in the case of many of our youths today who are wasting away because they cannot find paid employment. Dr. Savage is telling them today that if they search their inner minds, they will discover that they are naturally gifted in one way or the other, and through which they can change their economic lives for the better.

Another of the thoughts says: “Make sure nothing stops you from reaching your goal, not even yourself! Refuse to be contented with just enough! Stretch further to the level of more than enough with your skill and talent so as to be of benefit to humanity! I am sure you admire great achievers of your time; you are just one of such waiting to breathe greatness to mankind.”

Another inspirational wording is: “Ignore your distracters. Overcome your fear!doubt not. It is achievable, it is possible. Use the power of positivity.”

These inspirational thoughts by the author target all spheres of human existence like fear, positive thinking, health, management, love, confidence, change, among others.

The final part of the book features letters written to Dr. Savage to put into \book form all her encouraging thoughts being shared with the world on social media. We should not forget that in her Dedication, Dr. Savage appreciates her friends on social media for encouraging her to do more to get the inspirational words into print. This is therefore, the result of those words of encouragement.

The submission of Rev. Owolabi Oluwole, Conference Pastor, New Covenant Church, Nigeria, in his Foreword, says, a reader can relate the dynamic teachings to the dynamics of personal life.

“Dr. Savage’s ‘thoughts’ are like map to navigate the labyrinth of life; they are like a lighthouse to a ship fighting with waves on the high seas.”

Seed of Thoughts and In-Depth Conversations, therefore, is a must have for everyone who desires positive view of life, and at a time when everyone is disillusioned about the situation of things today, particularly the youth; the book will definitely lift the reader out of such negative moods and situations.


Bisi Yomi-Layinka

Chevening Scholar,

Gender Analyst,




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